Adventure Commands

What are Adventure Commands?

Adventure Commands are commands you can run in Twitch Chat in order to perform Adventure Actions. We have quite a few of these, many of which are tied to your Health and other Statuses, the amount of Paw Coins you have, and can sometimes be performed together with other people.

The following is a short list of some of the more popular Adventure Actions you can perform:

How do I know if a command is an Adventure Command?

The list of adventure commands gets longer all the time, and some things get deprecated and removed if not popular, so having a set list of all of them isn’t current viable.
With that said however, a rule of thumb is if something has role-playing aspects, it’s likely an Adventure Command.

I have this great suggestion for a new Adventure Command!

We’re always open to new ideas and suggestions, so check out our Suggestions forum on Discord, and feel free to make a post there if a similar suggestion doesn’t already exist.


Which Twitch Bots do you use?

We use a few Twitch Chat Bots in our channel, all of which serve different purposes. Most of these simply work as a way of integrating something into chat, like StreamLoots, Dixper, PokemonCommunityGame, etc.

That being said though, our most prominent bot is OokamiPup, which runs on MixItUp.
OokamiPup is responsible for all our custom commands and community management. It handles Paw Coins, community ranking, inventories, and so much more.

Which Discord Bots do you use?

As with Twitch Chat, we use a few Discord Bots that serve different purposes, but AkaiOokami is our custom community bot based on Red (Hence the name Akai; akai is japanese for red).

This bot is hosted on the same server that also host our streams and OokamiPup, ensuring a high level of potential integration into our systems.

How can I use your bots myself?

I’ve linked the homepages of the most prominent bots so you can easily implement them into your own community.

MixItUp is a software you run on your own Windows computer.

Red is a self-hosted bot that requires some more setup and technical knowledge to get up and running properly, but quite easy to manage once it’s all done.

With that said, I’m currently contemplating migrating from MixItUp to SogeBot, which is a self-hostable alternative, and can run 24/7 unlike MixItUp.

If you’d like to try Red or SogeBot yourself, but don’t know how to set them up yourself, hit me up on Discord.
I run my hosting service, and I offer hosting of bots, services and game servers to my community.


How does my Health affect me?

Your Health plays an important role on the Adventure Actions you can do; certain actions require you to be healthy enough to perform them, while others are directly influenced by the amount of Health you currently have.

You can quickly view your Health in chat by running the command !health

What are the different Health Statuses?

You will receive the following Health Statuses according to your Health Percentage, and they are as follows:

Health StatusHealth Percentage
Knocked Out0%
Sick (Infection)1%

ie. if your Health is at 20%, you’ll have the “Wounded” Health Status

Can I increase my maximum Health?

In short, yes and no.

Most Adventure Actions use your Health Status, so certain Adventure Actions will require you to have eg. at least 25% Health to perform them.

With that said, Health Statuses are calculated from your current and maximum Health. As an example:
If your max Health is 100, and you currently have 50, your Health status will be Bruised (50%).
If your max Health is 200, and you currently have 50, your Health status will be Injured (25%).
This may seem counter-intuitive at first, but keep in mind that if you have 200 max Health, you need to lose 100 Health to reach the Health status Bruised, compared to the normal 50 Health loss.

I don’t notice my maximum Health increasing?

That’s totally normal, and you usually won’t notice it too much.

Everyone starts with a base Health of 100, which will slowly increase over time.

As of the end of August 2023, a pair of Community Members have a maximum Health of ~180, meaning they can almost take twice the beating a new Pack Member can take, and this is after almost two years. So again, you won’t notice your Health increase too much.

With that said, an equipment system is in the works, which will allow people to improve their actions;
Better tools and armaments will allow them to accomplish the Adventure Action “faster”, while better clothing/armor will cause them to take less damage over-all, further boosting the benefit of a higher maximum Health.

How do I regain my Health?

You will passively regain your Health as long as you watch a stream, the speed of which is determined by factors such as your Pack Rank and your Pack Role (eg. Pack VIPs receive a small boost to their passive healing speed). You will also receive some healing when performing certain Community Contribution Actions (subscribing, cheering bits, gifting, etc).

If you’re too impatient to heal on your own, and you got the Paw Coins for it, you can visit the Elder and pay them to heal you. The healing cost is determined based on your Health Status, so healing for 50 means you’ll heal for 50% of your Health.

You can visit the Elder by running the command !elder heal [amount] in chat.


What are Howls?

Howling is an activity one can perform in the Twitch Chat in an effort to display their howling expertise, and can simply be run with the command !howl.

Howls doesn’t cost anything to do, but you need to be healthy enough to execute one.

Extraordinary howls are rewarded with a special badge called Howl Badge.

It should be noted however, that bad howls are frowned upon, where extraordinarily bad howls will lead to you being sent to howling school, aka getting TO’d.

In short, Howls are essentially just a fancy RNG with rewards/punishments.

What are Howl Badges?

Howl Badges is a special item rewarded for extraordinary (100%) howls which can be used to gift VIP or Paw Coins to someone else, and one can collect multiple of these.

In case of a especially terrible howl, a Howl Badge will be confiscated instead of incurring a punishment.

Can I check my Howling Statistics?

Yes, you can with our new Howl Stats system. Simply run the following command in Twitch Chat:

Can I “exploit” the Howling system to get more 100% Howls?

I don’t know ;)
Ask Developty


What are hunts?

Hunting is a co-op activity people can do in our chat.

People join together with their Hunt Banners in preparation to go hunting for supplies for The Pack. This is a risky affair however, which may lead to injuries and losses if the hunt goes badly.
It can be rewarding for the brave and skilled enough, potentially granting the victors items and Paw Coins as reward.

How do I hunt?

You can initiate/join a hunt simply by running the command !hunt <pawcoins>.
<pawcoins> should be replaced with the amount of Paw Coins you’re willing to invest/risk (max 10,000)

There are however some prerequisites to participating in hunts:

  • You must own at least 1 Hunt Banner
  • You must be healthy enough to participate
  • You must invest some amount into the hunt

How do I obtain Hunt Banners?

Hunt Banners is an item that can be obtained in several ways, including:

  • From crafting
  • Purchased from the Market
  • Looted during certain activities, including Hunts
  • Received from other Pack Members


How do I check my inventory?

  • You can run the command !inventory in the Twitch chat
  • You can also check your inventory in your Inventory Page
  • If you’ve performed the Discord-Twitch link, you can run !inventory in the #bot-control channel in our Discord server

What does my inventory hold?

Your inventory will currently hold the following items:

  • Sticks
  • Bones
  • Stones
  • Cloth
  • Long Sticks
  • Strings
  • Ropes
  • Gold Nuggets (currency item)*
  • Gold Bars (currency item)*
  • Paw Coins (currency item)*
  • Paw Bills (currency item)*
  • Hunt Banners

* See Currency Items

Are there any limit to how much I can carry?

The inventory doesn’t limit how many items in total you can carry, however there is a default item limit of 999 pieces, so you can’t carry 1,000 sticks.
That being said, the following items have separate limits:

  • Hunt Banners (max 10)

Can I give/receive items from others?

Check out the Trading FAQ

What are Currency Items?

Currency Items are items that hold little to no use other than serving as a “physical” asset.
These can be useful as a backup in case you were to run low on the currency used in the bot, which is admittedly confusingly also called “Paw Coins” as well (Changing the name of the item is on the to-do list).

Currency Items also can’t be stolen/lost.

It should also be noted that the total Currency Item asset value, ie. the value of the Currency Items themselves, aren’t accounted for in commands like !pawcoins


What’s your setup?

I currently use a dual-monitor dual-pc streaming setup with a combined screen-capture & NDI configuration for data transfer between the two systems.

My main PC runs everything not directly related to streaming, while the streaming PC runs everything stream related. Jenni’s PC is also configured to transmit video and audio to the stream PC, for whenever she wants to join the stream as a guest.

Check Detailed Systems & Studio Specifications below for details

Can I join your stream as a guest?

That depends..

The majority of my guests are people I personally know, or people who’ve been in the community a long time, and most other guest requests will be declined, largely due to the fact that I’m responsible for my streams and what’s being said/done/displayed.

I’m working on implementing Twitch’s Guest Star feature, but currently our guests join through a Discord call, which is captured and sent to the stream PC.

Detailed Systems & Studio Specifications

Main PCStream PC
OSWindows 11Windows Server 2022
CPUAMD Ryzen 7 5700XIntel Xeon E3-1271 v3
GPUNvidia RTX 3080TiNvidia GTX 1060 6GB**
Storage1TB NVMe SSD (OS)
24TB LAN Cloud Storage
4x 300GB SAS 10K HDD (OS+)***
24TB LAN Cloud Storage
CaseCorsair Crystal 680XHP ProLiant ML310e G8 v2
Data Transfer1Gbps Ethernet
NDI-protocol (output)*
1Gbps Ethernet x2
NDI-protocol (input)****
Elgato 4k60 Pro Mk2
PeripheralsSteelseries Apex Pro
Steelseries Rival 310
Steelseries Nova Pro Wireless
8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth
(Remote Session)
MonitorsMSI G271 (Main)
LG 29WP500-B
(Remote Session)

* Transmits audio data and Discord Stream

** The GPU is responsible for de/encoding video

*** The SAS drives are in RAID 1+0 and further provisioned

**** Receives audio data and Discord Stream. Also receives Jenni’s screen over NDI

CameraCanon M50 w/ dummy battery
Camera LensSigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM
AudioRØDE Rødecaster Pro
RØDE Procaster
Lighting1x Svive Sirius Ring Light w/ camera mount
2x Svive Procyon Key Lights
Misc3x Off-brand table-clamped rod mounts


How do I trade with someone?

You can’t strictly “trade” with someone (yet), but you can give items and Paw Coins to others. To do so, simply run the following command in Twitch Chat:
!give [recipient] [item] <amount>

[recipient] and [item] are required, but <amount> defaults to 1 if omitted.

Keep in mind that the item name must be lower-case and as a single word, ie: Hunt Banner -> huntbanner.

Can I give someone more of an item than they can carry?


During a Trade attempt, multiple checks are performed to prevent trades that would exceed the recipient’s Item Limit, prevent trades of items the giver does not have, and so on.

What items can I trade?

You can trade any item listed in your inventory. We are working on implementing trading features for other items as well.

Will we be able to “properly trade”?


We’re working on developing the features required to trade properly, ie. offering a number of one item in exchange for a number of another item.
This system can also be used to sell items to other people.

Can I give Paw Coins to someone?

Of course! Just replace the item name for “pawcoins” and select the amount you’d like to give them when running the command.

Can I regret a trade?

Of course!

But you can’t do anything about it other than asking the recipient to give the items back to you.